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Coco Bear and his boyCoco Bear and his boyCoco Bear and his boy

Bo'sun is a Therapy International Dog, and has his Canine Good Citizen certificate. Back when we still had some discretionary time he would go to visit elementary school classes. Bo'sun was a bit of local celebrity after winning breed at Westminster, because a Seattle news crew followed him to NYC and the Olympian had ran stories on him. The kids always enjoyed his visits, probably more from the break in routine than anything, but happy is happy . On occasion the public library would invite Bo'sun down for children events. He has also made visits to hospital patients. I'm always amazed that so many people react the same when they see a dog in a hospital, their eyes light up and their whole demeanor changes even while in pain or mental confusion. I guess I shouldn't be amazed, dogs are always in the present, they are non judgmental, they're just there to share in the moment.