Agua Dulce Water Dogs

Here are some of our offspring participating in Water Trials


Briny retrieves the dummyBriny retrieves the dummyBriny retrieves the dummy.

Briny executing an onshore retrieve. She earned her Apprentice Water Dog certificate that day.Briny is a very active girl with a high working drive.


Briny retrieves the dummyBo'sun overboard retrieveBo'sun overboard retrieve.

Bo'sun is going out to retrieve the float line from the boat. His ability to retrieve came in handy more then once while we lived on the boat. Bo'sun loves to work in the water and is quick to learn new tasks. Remember to always dry your dog off if he/she is swimming in cool weather or cold water, once he stops he/she will chill quickly.


Briny retrieves the dummyBo'sun Gear Bag retrieve.Bo'sun Gear Bag retrieve.

Bo'sun is executing the gear bag retrieve. The gear bag retrieve is part of Working trial, the team stands at the three foot line while a steward places a weighted bag 25' away from the team then leaves the area. On the judge's signal the handler sends the dog to retrieve the bag. The dog must drag or carry the bag to the handler.